Understanding Corporate 529 Plans








Companies who decide to adopt these programs, or even better, offer matching programs, can:

Attract top talent in a competitive hiring market
Foster a work culture which views employees holistically as part of a family, in addition to an employee
Encourage better performance
Enjoy greater retention and loyalty from your workforce
Earn the respect and trust of tomorrow’s leaders, by having contributed to their education
Inspire adult learners within your organization to further their own education
Benefit your local economy by fostering an educated work force


Facts About College Costs

To the CEO’s of the Fortune 500:
Can you imagine not educating your own children past high school? Should your employees feel any differently about their own families?

People with college degrees earn more than $1,000,000 more over a lifetime than those who do not. Sadly, a diploma often comes with a staggering price tag; most graduates average $25,000 in loans.

Student debt has ballooned to the $1 trillion dollar mark, eclipsing both credit card and auto loan debt. Conversely, state and local support for higher education reached its lowest point in 25 years in 2011.


  • Campaign for Next Generation Employees

    There is a crisis in the U.S. It not only affects us, but the well-being of generations to come. In today’s global economy, getting a job and sustaining a household without a college degree is extremely difficult. There is a “Perfect Storm” effect, though, of swelling education debt coupled with rapidly contracting government aid for education. Many American families can potentially face financial ruin because they choose to educate themselves and their children beyond high school. Others forgo college, because of the staggering costs and shut out most meaningful and lucrative job opportunities.

    Campaign for Next Generation Employees was founded by Sun Group Wealth Partners to address this crisis. All businesses, specifically our country’s largest employers, the Fortune 500 companies, can be part of reversing this negative trend by establishing a corporate-sponsored 529 plan for their employees. In most cases it is free, or of a minimal cost to the business.


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Meet The Founder
Winnie Sun

Winnie Sun

Wealth Manager/Education Advocate

Winnie Sun is the Managing Director and Founding Partner of Sun Group Wealth Partners, a trusted independent wealth management firm providing financial planning services to business owners, senior executives and established families throughout the West Coast, with a particular focus on professionals and entrepreneurs within the media and entertainment industries. Sun focuses on creatively customizing portfolios for its clients and specializes in multigenerational wealth plans.

Her dedication to holistic wealth management—customizing plans not merely for the individual—but often for the generations that follow, was the inspiration for founding the Campaign for Next Generation Employees.

The Campaign’s mission is to encourage our nation’s largest employers, namely the Fortune 500 companies, to fulfill their social responsibilities to helping to educate the next generation of Americans for gainful employment and offer corporate sponsored 529 plans for their employees. As college costs have swelled and general education funding has contracted, many American families are unable to send their children to college, or if they do, face financial ruin and bankruptcy because of staggering tuition costs. The solution lies with our nation’s largest businesses, which by adding this free and essential benefit to their employees, can ease the burden of university costs, provide a safe and structured method for planning for college, enhance employee loyalty and help build a healthy economy for themselves and the next generation of American workers.With more than a decade of experience in the financial services industry, Winnie is frequently featured as a “top advisor” speaker at national industry events and has been quoted in publications including AOL Finance, USA Today, Yahoo! Finance, OnWallstreet Magazine, Financial Planning Magazine, FA Magazine, AdvisorOne Magazine, GreersOC.com, the Sacramento Bee, and many more.

Winnie was previously First Vice President of Wealth Management, Senior Investment Management Specialist, and Lead Financial Advisor for the Sun Group at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. Her exemplary team was a premier leader in managing client portfolios and providing both exceptional service and returns. Winnie began her investment advisory practice with Salomon Smith Barney when she was just 25 years old. She was awarded their highest honors for success with her membership in the elite Blue Chip Council (2001-2004), and President’s Council throughout her tenure. Winnie was also an advising member of the Smith Barney Asian Advisory Council. As an independent wealth advisor and LPL financial planner, Winnie is regularly called upon to educate large corporate and nonprofit groups on planning strategies. Winnie has also been honored with invitations to the Barron’s Winner’s Circle for Top Women Financial Advisors beginning in 2006 – 2012.

Prior to entering the financial planning industry Winnie was an entrepreneur in the media sector. She owned and operated CH Entertainment, a Los Angeles production company, with clients including America’s Funniest Home Videos, Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune and Judge Judy. Her experience as an executive gave her additional insight into the investment needs of business owners, large and small, and their families.

Winnie earned her degree in Political Science from University of California Los Angeles. She resides in Irvine, California with her husband and two young children.