Winnie Sun Sun Group Wealth Partners 3 Park Plaza, St. 120 Irvine, CA 92614   An Open Letter to the CEOs of America’s Fortune 500 on the Education of the Next Generation of Employees   To America’s Fortune 500 CEOs: Our firm, Sun Group Wealth Partners, has formed the Campaign for Next Generation Employees, […]

About the Campaign   There is a crisis in the U.S. It not only affects us, but the well-being of generations to come. In today’s global economy, getting a job and sustaining a household without a college degree is extremely difficult. There is a “Perfect Storm” effect, though, of swelling education debt coupled with rapidly […]

Add Value to Your Employee Benefits Package with a 529 Education Savings Plan   A 529 Education Savings Plan with direct deposit is a voluntary benefit option that creates measurable value for you and your employees.   You Benefit No Cost to You as an Employer Few opportunities exist today to enhance your current benefits […]