Higher education is now essential for many jobs and career paths.   Despite the clear need for college, tuition comes at a steep price, potentially saddling a family with overwhelming debt. A glance at the headlines reveals some scary insights about the increasing burden of student debt:   • Two-thirds of college seniors in 2010 […]

About the Campaign   There is a crisis in the U.S. It not only affects us, but the well-being of generations to come. In today’s global economy, getting a job and sustaining a household without a college degree is extremely difficult. There is a “Perfect Storm” effect, though, of swelling education debt coupled with rapidly […]

Add Value to Your Employee Benefits Package with a 529 Education Savings Plan   A 529 Education Savings Plan with direct deposit is a voluntary benefit option that creates measurable value for you and your employees.   You Benefit No Cost to You as an Employer Few opportunities exist today to enhance your current benefits […]